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A skilled and knowledgeable litigation attorney provides the ethical representation that you need to settle legal disputes for your commercial business -- and ensures that your organization's financial well-being is their first priority. Trying to settle disputes through mediation or negotiation, you may find yourself in a situation that requires even more legal manoeuvring. Commercial litigation attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge of both business and law to your interactions. 


Time is Money

Getting a project done correctly the first time can be extremely valuable. When you have to pause your business projects to deal with a legal issue, you're splitting your focus and reducing your overall effectiveness. When you have a trusted commercial legal advisor on your team, you're able to spend your effort and energy on business growth instead. 


Focus on Core Competencies

Would you want someone whose primary job is technology to suddenly take over your marketing or customer service department? Probably not a great fit -- which is the same reason you want your commercial litigation attorney to focus on their core competency as well. Their background allows a qualified attorney to determine when is the best time to litigate, and which matters could more effectively be settled outside of court. 


Protecting Your Interests

Whether it's a compliance matter or a new contract that requires review, finding the right commercial litigation attorney in Barbados can protect the interests of your business. Business disputes can have a much further-reaching impact than expected if you do not understand the nuances involved in the law -- making it crucial to have a focused and established commercial legal professional on your side. 

At Intercaribbean Legal, we specialize in company formation, trust and planning, intellectual property services, real estate and international financial services. Our highly-qualified and professional attorneys will help protect the best interests of your business. Contact us today for more information. 





When you’re looking for a home to buy in Barbados, you might make certain assumptions about the house, the property, the price or the current owners. But there are often behind the scenes things going on that you and your real estate agent and real estate attorneys in Barbados will want to keep in mind as you look for homes.


The Seller Might Be Very Motivated

Often, smart real estate agents and a corporate law firm in Barbados will have their finger on the pulse of the local market, and be able to tell which houses are being sold by owners who are motivated by something with a public record, like a divorce filing. But in many cases there are private reasons why a seller might be motivated to sell their home fast. These reasons might include things like a sick relative, a heavy debt that needs to be paid off, or a new job offer in a different location.

If you’re really interested in a property but the price is way over your budget, you should consider making an offer anyway. You never know if the seller will accept a much lower price due to their strong need to sell quickly. For advice about how much to offer when you suspect the seller is motivated, contact real estate attorneys in Barbados.


Some Houses Are Flips

When you go to see a house, you might automatically think someone lives there; that the family is simply planning a move. This is especially the case if the home is staged to sell. But in today’s real estate market, the odds are much higher that you’ll encounter a home for sale that is being flipped, as a quality corporate law firm in Barbados will tell you.

Sellers that are flipping a house are very different than a typical home seller. They usually have a very specific selling price in mind in order to make the profit they want. In cases like this, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to negotiate very far down from the asking price. If the house is one that you absolutely fall in love with, you’ll probably need to reconcile yourself with not getting an awesome bargain on the price. If it's owned by a corporation that is flipping it, you might want to get the assistance of a corporate law firm in Barbados.

There Can Be More Hidden Problems Than You Realize

Homes and properties are vastly different depending on where they’re located on the island of Barbados. As such, they can have a myriad of hidden problems that you might never know about until you buy the house. Hidden problems might be a terrible neighbour on the street, an incessantly barking dog next door, a resident family of raccoons in the attic, a septic tank that’s on its last legs, and a whole lot more. Real estate attorneys in Barbados are often requested to assist in cases like this. 

When you get serious about making an offer, ask questions and get answers from through your real estate agent or from the owner. Be very thorough about assessing the neighbourhood and the property condition. If you go through with the purchase, at least you’ll be a well-informed homebuyer with the help of a real estate attorney in Barbados.

These are three things that you, your real estate agent, and your professional real estate lawyer in Barbados should keep in mind as you look for a new home. When it comes to houses for sale, the more you know, the better able you’ll be to find the home of your dreams. For assistance with difficult real estate transactions, contact the professional real estate lawyers in Barbados or a corporate law firm in Barbados. 




Introduction: Over the last few years the subject of good governance has experienced a resurgence. This focus is not concentrated to the realm of the legislative compliance by the directors of publicly listed companies;


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