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ARBITRATION (enforcement of awards and reciprocal enforcement of foreign judgments)

We have significant experience in the enforcement of international arbitration awards in Barbados under the New York convention and the International Arbitration Act of Barbados. Barbados also has legislation for the reciprocal enforcement of foreign judgments under our Rules of Court to allow clients to enforce foreign judgments in Barbados. Our principal is trained in International Arbitration and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Banking & Finance

We render opinions for syndicated loans and review and prepare loan documentation for international banks offering international finance or syndicated loans. Our services include the preparation and registration and of loan documents under the Laws of Barbados and preparing title and encumbrance/bankruptcy searches.

Commercial litigation

Our experience in commercial litigation varies from land transactions to debt recovery. We represent debtors, financial institutions, real estate developers and homeowners, property settlements in matrimonial causes, estate interests and spousal rights as well as shareholder remedies. Our litigation practice is limited to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in Barbados and the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Company Formation

: our affiliate InterCaribbean Corporate Services (link) provides services and structures for your needs. Our legal team lends legal support to your company ensuring your compliance with local legislation

Cross-Border Transactions

The Caribbean region thrives in cross border transactions as a result of global business and the movement of people. ICL renders advice and opinions on various corporate businesses, joint ventures and distribution agreements and legal implications. We work closely with other service providers such as tax and regulatory advisors to ensure a holistic approach for your structuring needs. ICL also advises on cross border estates and family matters.

Estate Planning

(Will Writing, Probate and Administration): Our senior attorney has a wealth of experience and training in estate planning. From will writing to trust advice, powers of attorney and Mental Capacity Applications, we are equipped to ensure your assets are managed to your needs during your lifetime and after your death.  We guide you on inheritance laws, probate applications (when there is a will) and applications and distributions when there is no will, and the resealing of foreign grants when the property is in our jurisdiction. We guide executors and administrators on the distribution to beneficiaries under the domestic laws. Our lead attorney is a member of the  Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. (STEP)

Immigration Law

Our team will assist in the application for work permits, residency permits and visa for family members to reside and attend school in Barbados. We also assist with applications for citizenship by marriage and by descent. Our services include the preparation and submission of the applications, following up and attending meetings with the immigration department until final grant.

International Trade

ICL assists with contracts, licenses and payments through the international and central banks. We have experience in guiding clients' travel services, international trademarks and patents.

Maritime Law

ICL is experienced in setting up in Barbados and other Caribbean jurisdictions shipping corporations, ships’ registration, sales and mortgages (link article of ship mortgages). Our experience extends to ship arrests in Barbados under our Rules of the Supreme Court, our Shipping Act and Maritime Boundaries and Jurisdiction Act, Maritime International Co-operation Act and  the Quarantine Act of the Laws of Barbados.

Mergers and Acquisitions

ICL’s senior counsel is well versed in mergers & acquisitions and has represented major insurance companies, hotels and other car dealerships in Barbados on acquisitions and take-over bid transactions. Smaller mergers are equally common for our team with guidance on corporate and regulatory filings to create a new joint organization.

Regulation and Compliance

AML compliance is of primary importance. ICL together with other service providers offers compliance and regulatory audits and advice to insurance companies, corporate service providers and financial institutions. Members of our team are AML certified and members of ACAMS.


Trained in trust laws and creation of trusts our principal attorney is poised to advise on trust instruments and structures. Migration of the trust and compliance with local laws are key to establishing a viable trust. Together with Trust Administrators and private trust companies we guide you through the creation and administration of your Trust under the Laws of Barbados and in other jurisdictions in the Caribbean. Our attorneys will advise on the Trustee’s duty and will review trust deeds for pitfalls which may render the trust void. Our senior attorney holds an advanced certificate in trust disputes and has litigation experience on breach of duty

Mergers &

Property Sale & Development

Regulation and Compliance: AML compliance is of primary importance. ICL together with other service providers offers compliance and regulatory audits and advice to insurance companies, corporate service providers and financial institutions. Members of our team are AML certified and members of ACAMS.

Regulation & Compliance

Syndicated Loan Transactions


Will Writing,
Probate &

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